Fall 2018 Striperthon winner

I have to admit that I am a little surprised at lack of entries for the  Fall Striperthon. I have not been actively fishing this fall as I am preparing for NYC Marathon and I found out early on I cant do both. (If someone is curious  about why and what am I doing here is the link , warning its not fishing related http://act.autismspeaks.org/site/TR?px=4722477&fr_id=3831&pg=personal )

Having said that, my friends are having hard time getting few even “keeper” sized fish regardless if they are in MA or NJ. To some of you who are younger, I would offer the advice to fight for what you believe in when it comes to striped bass conservation. A lot has changed in the society since we fought for striped bass on the verge of collapse many years ago. What it hasn’t changed is the attitude of commercial and for hire sectors who still think that ocean is a bottomless pit God put on this Earth so they can pay their bills and vacation in FL in the winter. Yeah, they are some very good eggs in that business, but most are rotten to the core, and would kill a last fish in the ocean to make a buck that day.

But this post is not about that, although I felt I had to mention it. This is about congratulating the winner  Jared Clairmont  on winning Fall STRIPERTHON 2018 with 43″/29lb striped bass

Congrats Jared..you got some stuff coming your way

Thanks to all the sponsors for making it possible Guppy, Super Strike and TrailHead deflators

11 comments on “Fall 2018 Striperthon winner

  1. robertv

    Congrats to Jared. I was out trying but the bass eluded me. Only had keeper fluke with another surfcasters journal member and mullet that kept hitting the lures.
    On the same thought that Zeno started, The commercial, “for hire guys”, and their customers that take all the fish they can always seem to be the first ones complaining when there are no bass. The customers aren’t seen by the charter guys when there are no fish to catch so bookings for fishing trips drop. The commercial guys start going for other fish species than their numbers drop.
    I was getting e-mails from a well known tuna charter boat that showed countless numbers of tuna hanging and always the full limit they could take for the number of anglers they had. They were all large tuna at 100+ pounds each. How much tuna can you eat and freeze.?
    I e-mailed them and said that maybe they should do more catch and release because sooner or later tuna are going to be depleted in numbers and people aren’t going to spend money on fishing if the chances are good that they aren’t going to get a tuna.
    The answer to me was to remove me from their e-mailing list.

  2. BigJim

    Congratulations Jared nice catch I’m sure it wasn’t easy I fished as much as I could but I’ve got to concur with Zeno this year has been tough for larger fish although I’ve done well my numbers are down 20% in size and quantity it has been sad watching the fishery head in a bad direction but I digress
    Jared hope to see you at the CT show in the spring well done

  3. Pat Fin

    Thanks for putting on the tournaments, my first year doing it. Fished hard biggest I came up with was 32″. Congrats Jared, very nice fish!

  4. Bob D

    I had several teen sized fish but nothing close to a 43 inch fish so I didn’t submit any entries as it was winner take all.

    Congrats Jared!

  5. Chris C

    Zeno, best of luck in the marathon ! What a great cause ! Maybe in the future a surf tournament with a entry fee to benifit Autism research. I’d definitely be in! Congrats to the winner!!

  6. Matt S

    I don’t think we’ll have a complete collapse of the striper bass stock like we did in the early 1980s, but the days of widespread great fishing might be over as well. We’ve had some very good spawns in recent years (and some terrible ones). We do have are schools of large cows concentrated in a few areas. If you’re in that area, it looks like everything is great. What we don’t have are many stripers in between, or many fish between the “very large” and “small” classes. The fishing pressure is so intense that it’s hard to see having a boom period like we had in the 2000s. I hope I’m right that it also won’t go bust.

    I also agree that a charity event for autism research is a great idea for next year.

  7. Gregg Possiel

    I know you don’t want to burn spots but how about some info on where and what it was caught with, lure or bait etc.


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