Every circus has a Ring Master, Montauk does too

I will make this short and sweet…the winner of Columbia Sportswear Balaclava who guessed first  that Roger’s favorite shot is on page 151 is …


please furnish your shipping address to info@surfcastersjournal.com and we will get this out to you

Number two..the video below…it’s a shade under 4 minutes long and it took me about 5 hours to do it…and 2 hours to upload it to YouTube. each ogf the 4 times i had to make changes!…..you’d think I still have a donkey in my back yard. Sadly I don’t. I do have to say that whoever redesigned Final Cut into ProX is a #$%^& genuis !!! Normal, dumb people like me finaly “get it”. Thank you Steve Jobs

So watch it…while I medicate myself with some Theraflu and get my butt to work. In full 1080 HD if your eyes are up to it.,..the ful interview is about a half an hour long


27 comments on “Every circus has a Ring Master, Montauk does too

  1. CTMatt

    In a funny way I am surprised I haven’t seen a Paulie video sooner haha. What a character. Hell if I lived there I’d fish a nor’easter wind Monday to Thursday myself! lol. Excellent work Z!

  2. Jeremy

    Zeno, from working in television I can tell you that you are making a choice you will never regret by using a Mac to edit your video. Waaaay less headaches and heartaches! Happy rendering.

  3. Scott Throckmorton


    There are two things in this world I can’t get enough of…Surfcasters Journal and listening to Paulie. The video on his Facebook page with Jack Yee is a classic!

    Thanks for the video and I’m looking forward I can’t wait for the full version. You guys are awesome!


  4. backlash

    Great job Z! Nice job on the Allman’s Little Martha Paulie! I can smell the fish and taste the salt!Thanks for that interlude.

  5. Matt

    Well excuse me for living 4hrs away and have a family, I’m going to the other tackle shop from now on LOL.

    Kidding its why i like Paulies answers are to the point.
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make it out there yet.

  6. Philip Brill

    Great Video. Really good job.
    Thanks Z. for all the effort you put into the Surfcaster.
    Much appreciated.
    Looking forward to the full interview.


    Great video love this channel!!!! love the video from philly and went to montauk last year for the first time it was a tuesday through thursday trip. trying to beat the people and it was a wall of people anyway. share some new spots down and jersey if you could!!! thanks al pavone from philly


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