Epic sand eel bite and Epic giveaway from AOK Tackle

When you not in it, it’s much harder to describe it than when you on the battle ground, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow anglers. For example, those that were at Robert Moses in NY last fall were eager to describe just how hot was the bite to anyone that would listen. But most of those reading on line assumed there was a great deal of exaggeration thrown into the mix.

Which is probably what many are thinking right not while reading the New Jersey surf reports. But those that fished LI beaches last fall know better than to be a non-believers. And those of you who are on the fence I suggest just gas up and go. The fishing is really good and shows no sign of abating.Just how crazy is the New Jersey bite? Our friend Paul from Grumpy’s Bait and Tackle reports weighing in over 90 bass on Friday. Please don’t ask me why anyone would weigh in a teen size bass. That is a  discussion for another day. Greg from Fisherman’s Headquaters in Ship Bottom, NJ is reporting same type of action. Off the charts

In some ways it’s a epic fall run with fish gorging on 6 to 8 inch sand eels. And we are going to celebrate this epic run with an equal epic giveaway from A.O.K Tackle. It’s a season of giving and many those who are fishing this insane sand eel run are “giving” the fish what they want, metal lures from AOK Tackle.

 So today, in spirit of Thanksgiving, in spirit of crazy fall runs, sand eels and local lure makers we are happy to give one person a chance to win all of these lures from AOK Tackle. The whole shebang. Yeah baby..

Thank you Mr. Steve Adams , maker of these metal lures from AOK Tackle for making this possible


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285 comments on “Epic sand eel bite and Epic giveaway from AOK Tackle

  1. Jeremy

    Great report. Thanx for something to smile about (other anglers smiling for good reason!). Cant make it to Jersey but its great to hear. Thanx for the epic giveaway SJ im in of course.

  2. Harvey Rude

    The bite is on for sure and the sand eels are the reason. Been lucky enough to spend the fall in SeaSide for the past 10 years and this is one of the best run with larger fish I have had. The bite is mainly in early am through 9-10. Low tide bar fishing is hot. I’m in.

  3. MRisser

    Been there and it’s cool. If you go, find a beach with some structure and your chances will be much better. Otherwise you may just be watching the birds wishing for a boat.

    Oh…I’m in!


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