Ebb Point Surf Fishing Giveaway….custom bucktail pouch

Wow, do we have a nice treat for you today.
Some of you read our review of Ebb Point Surf bags in September issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal


Some of you even watched our YouTube video review that accompanied the article…If you didn’t, you

can see it right here.


Guys from Ebb Point Surf Fishing wanted to do a special giveaway for the readers of our blog.

You have a chance today to win this beautiful bucktail pouch made by Ebb Point. But that is not all. The

 winner will get to choose in which color they want their super-durper-everyone-ask-where-you-got-it

bucktail pouch.

All you got to say “I am in”

 and we will pick a winner in few days.

Good luck






Please visit their website at http://www.ebbpointsurffishing.com/to see their whole line of bags.

Its a bag that I use everyday and something I can wholeheartedly recommend….hey, Christmas is

 coming and you been good, right ? J

315 comments on “Ebb Point Surf Fishing Giveaway….custom bucktail pouch

  1. Charlie G.

    I’m in !
    I’m on the waiting list to get a 4 tube bag this winter. I know it will be worth it. I can’t wait. They are bulletproof.

  2. Old Hippie

    I am in. It has to be my turn. It’s a great looking bag. I look forward to fishing with it. Don’t forget — Harvest Wisely, and be ECO-FRIENDLY. recycledfish.com


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