Disturbing behavior by “fishermen”

What the hell is wrong with people ???????

By Lou “Rod Guru” Caruso

Yesterday one of the conservation minded fisherman in my fishing club was walking the beach getting in his last licks for the season. He passed a group of guys fishing the beach. He didn’t think anything of them as he went by and walked further down the beach. As was to be the case with most of us lately, the ocean was barren. Not even the occasional late season death rat. He worked his way back to where the group of fisherman were and instead of finding them he came across this !!!!!!



He sent this picture to me today. It turned my stomach !!!!!! As fisherman we are suppose to be the guardians of the fisheries, not the wanton slayers of every living creature. There was no need for this what so ever. Sure, dogfish are a nuisance but to kill all these fish for no reason and then line them up like this is just sick. When are people going to wake up?


If this type of garbage keeps up pretty soon we will have nothing to fish for.


Sorry, for venting but I had to get this off my chest

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  1. mikebfishn

    Vent at will. I am seeing behavior like this more and more the past few years. I attribute it to more people taking up fishing as a hobby with economy being the way its been. These people are bottom barrel and think they are entitled in some way. This is what gives up conservation minded true anglers a bad rap! I too an completely sick and tired of thought less ass holes putting my passion in jeopardy. I say hold a class to see if you are a respectable human being before you can think about having a fishing or hunting license.

  2. Tim Z

    Those guys have a lesson of two to learn. And for all the guys who think dogfish are just a nuisance and a waste….they taste great if you know what you are doing. Cut it up, pan fry it with bacon (just like a scallop)….let’s see if you know the difference.

  3. David Price

    I too have seen this with skated layed up on the beach. This is morally wrong. I have also seen people do this with bluefish. Further, I am tired of seeing fisherman throwing fish into the air to realease them.

  4. Mike G

    This is awful, I am new to the sport but still would never do this. I am currently learning from a guy with 15 years experience and it sounds dumb but if you take care of mother nature she will take care of you. This is not taking care of mother nature!!

  5. T.Parker

    Absolutely disgusting, and unfortunately seems to be a growing trend these days. What happened to the ethics in being an outdoorsman? Or being the stewards of our environment? If it’s not a scene like that it’s piles of trash all over the beach. Completely saddens me and pisses me off.

  6. Richard aka Woodwker99

    This is gross. I fished the beach today and would have settled for a bite like this. Anything beats being skunked. These people throw out food too I bet.

  7. Frogman

    This behavior is reprehensible, gives fishing and fisherman a bad name, and I’ll bet would never be done by a serious reader of any SJ publication. Unfortunately, we are preaching to the choir – all of us here know these truths and our message will never reach the idiots pulling this kind of crap. While these morons can’t really dent the population of dogfish or skates or sea robins, etc., what they can do is sway popular opinion about fishing access to the waterfront. Who wants their beaches littered with ‘trash fish’ carcasses, empty bait containers, and discarded fishing gear? Who wants their beaches used for amateur monster truck rallies? No one. We should absolutely expect fallout from misuse of our limited resources. It’s incumbent upon all responsible sportsmen to attempt to educate (ok), pick up and properly discard others’ trash (don’t like it, but I do it), and where appropriate call DEC or NYS Park Police. Yeah, I know, good luck with the last two options, but we have to try: we’re going to be the only ones saving our own pastime.

    1. Joey Rudick

      I admit I hate a dog fish! Hate when they are biting! I usually just pack it up when that’s all I’m catching. But to toss all those up on the beach is uncalled for. Atleast something was biting.

  8. mark jones

    this kinda thing keeps happening we won’t be able to fish the beaches totaly uncalled for i woulda much rather caught a spiny dog then leave with nothin tonight

  9. jim ward

    cant blame commercial guys. i see it on the beach all the time people leaving a fish, that they are not keeping ,to die on the sand. they were probably not smart enough to be embarrassed about their behavior.

  10. Brian K

    To bad they went to waste. This is the 1st year that I tasted both sea robin and dogfish and as mentioned above they were not that bad if prepared properly.
    Anglers doing things like this and word getting out will only cause more problems for surf anglers and beach access.

  11. Gary

    I wouldn’t call these people fisherman, more like poachers! People like these are what us “fisherman” don’t need, only giving us a bad rap. I’m sure they feel great about themselves…if they only had a clue.

  12. VIC D

    GUT WRENCHING!! I carry four Conservation Officer’s phone numbers in my cell phone AND I use them in cases like this. Its everyones responsibility to safe guard against people that do this type of thing. I witnessed something similar in 1974 at Oragon Inlet NC. Those waisted fish were bass and jumbo blues. We all know the rest of THAT story! PS: WOODWORKER99, I nominated you for the VET give away reel. Good luck!!

  13. Larry F

    I would’ve liked to call the CO immediately and him lay those lowlifes the same way on the beach until the the tide came and drowned them!!! Bastards!!

  14. Dave

    It is practically a habit for the Jersey retards on Sandy Hook to throw skates up on the dunes instead of releasing them. I’ve seen it. If they let those skates get big enough they can be eaten and actually taste better than the Fluke and Bass they are targeting. I guess they would rather catch nothing then Skate, makes me violently angry.

  15. Ron McKee-Striper-Maineiac

    Sad. Probably some of the type that always complain about no fish and don’t ever release a thing. Like the ones that leave all their old bait on the sand on a public swimming beach that just tells others we’re all just one big problem. shame you had to come across this. Sure puts that damper on what was probanly a nice day till that point.

  16. terry61

    What a shame that fellow anglers would commit such a careless act and not only in ny but nj also, see it all the time with skates and sea robins and this year with the shad at sandy hook and if you try to explain the error of their ways they just ignore you and go about their business.

  17. Austin

    Shame – not to be on a soapbox, but this is an example of the >1% (I hope). Meaning, 99% of fisherman are responsible and have the utmost respect for the environment. I make it a point to bring a garbage bag and pick up litter on the beach, and always catch and release unwanted fish with as little stress as possible. Personally, I like to target dogfish, they’re a fun fight. Karma will get this a-hole, and if I saw this in action, I would make it a point to ask why and hope to teach the person responsible respect for fishing, something I cherish deeply.

  18. DonR

    Yet another reason we (surfcasters) are loosing access to beaches. Non-fisher folk see this behavior and attached it to all fishermen.

  19. jerry

    This is why we need more DEC officers patroling our beaches , these scum bags should be locked up for such an act , when there were no fish around this summer me and my kids had a ball catching dog fish , they told all there friends they were sharks . this is a total disgrace to our sport!

  20. fishdaddy1

    Disturbing behavior by “fishermen”

    Adding quotes to the word “fishermen” would be the proper way way to describe people like this. They are NOT fishermen, although they may consider themselves as such. Murderers is more like it. People that do things like this are no different than people that pour gasoline on cats and dogs and light them on fire. I’m not sure if these people realize that the fish are dying of suffocation. How would they like to lay on the beach with a plastic bag over their own head!? I suggest they give it a try next time they go “fishing” to see how it feels. I appreciate that they feel like they are doing us all a favor by getting rid of these “nuisance” fish, but who is the bigger nuisance?

  21. dave whitney

    I count over 40 dog fish.
    Instead of spending $20 on clam bellies and wasting 9 hours of the day, go buy a piece of fish and spend the time with the family and stop destroying the sea!!!!
    Fishermen, no way! Ignorant self centered assholes, yes!

  22. John

    A few weeks ago came across 5 dogfish on the beach. Couldn’t”t figure out what happened because never even thoughtva fisherman would kill these fish for no reason. Now it’s either becoming a trend with new asshole “fishermen” or the same scumbags did it. It you see soeone doing it snap his picture and post so everyone know who the scumbag is.

  23. John

    1-800-847-7332 This is the NY DEC Conservation Officer Hotline number. Call them if you see any poaching Protect our water guys.

  24. robertv

    Every animal here on this planet fills a niche in the environment. They all have a place and a function in it. Dogfish, skates, crabs eels and other scavagers are the ones that help keep the oceans clean by eating what ever dies and end up in the water. From trawler by-catch that is dumped back to the old bait we discard, all is eaten by these fish and other animals. It’s a waste of a resource to kill any animal needlessly. What if after they are all gone we find that something in their bodies held the key to cure cancer or some other illness. Research is being done on sharks to find out why the don’t get cancer and I’ve read articles about research being done on horseshoe crabs for the same reason. All living things have a purpose and are conrolled by the environment. Humans have had the biggest impact on this planet and we are proving to be the animal that is least deserving to survive and the ones that will possibly end human life as we know it on this planet. As caretakers of this planet we are failing.

    1. sioca

      Thank you robertv.

      POGO comes to mind.

      “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

      Probably the most famous Pogo quotation is “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Perhaps more than any other words written by Kelly, it perfectly sums up his attitude towards the foibles of mankind and the nature of the human condition.

      Cartoonist Walt Kelly – 1971 version

  25. KWhite

    The white bucket guys almost always are the ones guilty of this crap. Same guys who keep EVERY bass they catch. I have never understood these guys. They buy bait put it on a hook and stick the rod in a spike. When a skate or doggie takes them up on the offer of a free meal they kill the fish for “wasting” their bait. Or they hang around the shop crying about how much money they “wasted” feeding bait to the trash fish. Seems these guys only understand one meaning of the word waste. Getting busted for this stupidity could have been very costly, and might have been if somebody had reported them. As an ethical angler you are obligated to do your part to protect what we love.
    Here in Jersey the penalty is
    7:25-18.1M Wanton waste of one marine fish $124
    That would have been about $4960 for these guys, and hell that money could have been put to good use.


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