Cuttyhunk Chronicles part 4…wrap up

It was about 9 30 PM as I scratched my head on the rock. Was Ron right? Was everyone really afraid it was going to be too crowded so no one showed up? Someone should be here by now.


Let me get this out…I know some people have a different feelings on it. To me Cuttyhunk is a bit eerie to walk at night. There is no ambient light, you area walking over the path overlooking the cliffs in pure darkness other that you flashlight and from west end you’ll walk a good half an hour. There is nothing but weeds, ticks and few coyotes along the way, although we have never seen one. However you can see their crap occasionally on the trail. So as much as I love being alone, that much I am kind of paranoid of something bad happening this far from civilization. No hospital or ambulance, and God forbid something happens they might never find your sorry butt. So please be aware of this when you make plans to go here. So as much as I like the serenity, believe it or not, I get comfort in seeing few flashlight bobbing around in the area. Just in case you need helping hand. There is a lot of stuff that can go wrong here from bubble weed to rocks to current and even your health.


Water was starting to move and I attached Daiwa SP minnow and started to cast slightly up current. Few casts later I had a fish on that was talking a little drag. I said please Lord don’t be a schoolie with a hook in the dorsal. It wasn’t, a very respectable 20 pound striper lay at my feet few minutes later. On the next two casts I landed two small stripers, both hooked on the side of their face. They are here, just as I was hoping! I really did not expect any big fish so I reached out for a 3/4 ounce bucktail with a red pork rind. Unhooking small stripers on a rock, away from shore and have it trash around with trebles flying everywhere was not my idea of fun. In the next half hour I landed about half dozen fish on a bucktails when I’ve seen two light come down the path. I was hoping it was Tom and Boggie but these guys set up to my left and I knew Tom would come right up to my rock because there was another rock in water near by. I watched them hook few small fish but I didn’t think they knew I was a hundred yards away from them. I managed to land 17 bass on bucktails which were now on every cast, without using my light once. You got to love bucktails for so many reasons. The guys made the way to the left shortly and disappeared around the corner, never to be seen again. At this point I landed about 22 fish so I was happy like a pig in the mud. I tried rigged eel for a little while, hoping for a bigger fish in the mix but it was not meant to be. Lemire and Super Strike needles took few more fish as did Super Strike Darter. By the end of the night I counted 33 bass and up to about 20 pounds. Most fish were around keeper size or a little smaller, only few were teen size. By about midnight or so I was done. Action slowed down a bit and I debated what to do. I decided to work my way back to the house so I jumped off the rock and swam to shore.


Walking along the path in a hurry I heard same voice in the cove below . There used to be a path down the cliff to this cove but the storm washed it away. You have to go to the next cove and walk around the point to reach it. I stopped and listened trying to figure out if those are maybe my guys but could not make out the voices.


I proceeded to walk back to house and possibly give one last shot under the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club. The hard noreast wind laid down and fishing io\n coves protected by wind looked like fishing in the lake. So I was glad that wherever my guys went, they were able to fish.


At the house I found Charlie and no one else. This was good! They would not be out if they didnt found action. Ray was still with Wetzel and Tommy and Boggie were somewhere on the south side. Ray arrived within and hour and told me that Bill and him fished the sandy beach were big shad was present and he took a 27lb and a 24lb along with some smaller fish on Super Strike Darters. Bill Wetzel took the honors with 42 pound beauty , also on the Super Strike Darter, his biggest fish since hurricane Irene I believe. Bill has a synopsis on the trip in his own words on his website at

If you are a subscriber, go check it out. If you are not, you should be. Bill writes a report of every trip he makes which is about every night. If he is having a hard time finding fish, then you know that action is fair at best. Dude is as honest as they get. And he tells it straight


Tommy and Boggie showed up a little later and they looked exhausted. Boggie had his head down and we found out why. He dropped a big fish only to see a guy next to him land a 42 pound fish on a needlefish,. It was Mike Roy, from Ron DiCostanzo crew. I believe the fish was caught on Habs needlefish. Rest in Peace John, your stuff is still slaying the big girls. Fish was released after a photo as it was Wetzel’s. Tommy had a bunch of fish up to 22 pounds so by the end of the night everyone had fish in 20’s and few cows were landed too. Not too shabby.


We had a 9 am ferry so we grabbed few hours of sleep and got up around 7 to clean house and pack. All in all, a much better trip than I expected based on the reports and my own expectations. I finally got to stick hooks into something with stripes, the guys had a good time and yes, even the lobsters loved the scenery. At least until they seen the pot of steaming water. Boggie, for whom was this second trip (after last year disaster) said” you know, to be honest I wasn’t really thinking about coming back until I experienced tonight”.


I knew what he was saying. I had bad trips, God awful trips and some once in a lifetime trips. But  I never felt so much at home in another place I ever fished. Its not for everyone, it requires long walks, bowling ball sized rocks that shift under your feet, some time off and planning. But for me, there is no place I look more forward to fishing each year.

If you ever wanted to make arrangements to fish there or just get information, here is the contact info

Cuttyhunk Fishing Club

phone 508-992-5585

Bonnie Veeder runs the club and can also set you up with private house for your crew (we usually rent her house instead of club for more privacy) email


Sea Horse Taxi with John Paul

there is a regular ferry that leaves at 10 am and returns in evening. We like Sea Horse because at same cost he will make a bunch of trips each day depending on demand and you can pick and chose your departure. No one want to wait till 4 pm to take a ferry back on the last day.


And here is a picture from what guys do when there a very few fish. Picture supposedly taken this weekend and yes, I was told that is a Commando bag




and a mellow taste of the Canal


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  1. Gary Yesssaillian

    Best part of the pic was that there was a wedding at the Avalon and we were praying that they would come over to take oceanside pics. Bonnie missed the actual event but memorialized on the walls of the club. He is the original Cutty Hunk… 20 guys rolling on the ground belly laughing with the ticks.. 🙂


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