Cuttyhunk Chronicles 2012 part 1

Just a quick note that we just got back from our annual SJ Cuttyhunk trip and that is why there haven’t been any blog posts. Full report when I come to my senses.

As far as the blog, we haven’t done anything to fix the posting issues since we have been away. I will try to rebuild it in next few weeks if I have some spare time

SJ Art Director Tommy Corrigan with maybe the fish of the lifetime


Great White Hunter ripping the Surface Cruiser

“Fearless” Ray with what was a very “average” fish that magic afternoon

 And I ? I was the full time camera dude that day. Never made a cast

Stay Tunned..

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13 comments on “Cuttyhunk Chronicles 2012 part 1

  1. TRisser

    Looking forward to the stories. I’ll be there in a few weeks. BTW, you didn’t miss much at Momtauk.


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