Costa Rica Diaries Part III -Sebile 2nd Generation Lures with video

Ok, I got to be honest here. Dave Anderson and my canal friends are always raving about Sebile Lures. Its has somewhat of a cult following on the banks of Cape Cod Canal. On Long Island, you just don’t see as many people using them as up North.

Maybe when they see this pending 25lb+ NY State record bluefish, it will get them more intrigued. I will admit that I fall into the “intrigued” camp. I use it but nowhere as often as my other plugs. But I got to tell you, after fishing with nothing but a Sebile new prototype Stick Shads and Magic Swimmers all i can say is (cover your kids ears) holy f***!!!!!12195918_10153746033033421_3394113657949121165_n

(note the no-hook on the back of the plug-Patrick talks about this is video below)

The Magic Swimmer in particular is one of the SICKEST lures I have ever had the pleasure of using. Since we were here to test the new PENN Clash, Spiderwire Camo and new Sebile 2nd Generation lures, that’s all we had and so we beat the shit out of it. First of all, watching Patrick Sebile work his lures is like watching a magician with his wand. Also, the Magic Swimmer in particular has the sickest action in a lure I have ever seen! And here is the kicker: the faster you crank it, the better it looks. Captains did not believe that you can troll the darn thing since it had no lip until Patrick made them do it just to prove the point. What I am trying to convey is it’s not going to pop out and roll over on the surface. And when you casting to the rooster you need ALL the speed your reel can muster and then some!DSC_5429

I am sure catching rooster from the beach is awesome. But let me tell you, I never had my knee buckle before by watching the speed with which a fish moves through the water before. It is absolutely insane to watch it from the bow of the boat. So if you go to the tropics and you are fretting that your reel is too “fast”, trust me it’s not. I don’t think a humans made a reel fast enough which roosters cant chase down.

Back to Sebile:

Ok, so here it goes, while everyone trolled live bait and stayed in the shade I casted nothing but Magic Swimmers and Stick Shads for three straight days on the bow. I did not have any poppers other than one I threw in my luggage so it was stick shads all the time. I have a new perspective on these lures and newfound respect, not only for the lures but for its creator Patrick Sebile.

These are not “new” lures. They have been reinforced with better internal hardware, new paint patterns and new, yes, much lower price.

But don’t take my word for it, here is world renown angler and record holder, Sebile lures creator Patrick Sebile

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