Congratulation on a 51 pound striper

 They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Few nights ago, our friend Gary Soldati, maker of Big Water Lures got his personal best. Those of you who know him, know he only fishes his own lures, primarily giant pikes. Two nights ago, in a pouring rain and a wild surf of RI Gary landed 51 pound beauty on his signature 8 inch, 4 ounce pike in some very tough conditions. Another thing of note was that this was the absolute first fish Gary landed on his new zeebass lefty reel, one of the first ever made.


Congrats to a  fantastic angler, builder and friend on joining the exclusive 50 pounder club. You can see Gary’s lures at Big Water Lures



28 comments on “Congratulation on a 51 pound striper

  1. mark m "Cow Harbor"

    Congrats Gary. I have seen many of his plugs and they all are amazing works of craftsmanship. Way to go Gary.
    The new ZeeBaas lefty was at the Fisherman surf show at Huntington. If you need one, give me a call at the shop.

  2. Gary R. Soldati

    Thanks guys,I am still in a daze. Yesterday I took the day off to bask in all my glory. My wife figured if I had some free time I could do some vacuum cleaning. Way to keep me humble!! She is a great wife. Gary

  3. Bill McLaughlin

    Close but no cigar. Good work!

    Official IGFA All Tackle World Record — 81 lbs 14 oz (37.14kg)
    Greg Myerson — August 4, 2011 — Long Island Sound, Westbrook, CT
    Live Eel on 60-pound fluorocarbon leader with 6/0 octopus hook.
    Time Required to Boat Fish: 20 Minutes
    Tackle: 6-½ foot St. Croix tuna rod with roller guide tip — Quantum Cabo reel — 50-lb. Berkley Gorilla Braid



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