Commando Bag Giveaway winner

I think it is fitting on a Christmas Eve  Surfcaster’s Journal in conjunction with Commando Surfcasting  make someone’s Christmas really special by announcing the winner of Commando Surf Bag

I had my daughter pick a random # (in case you guys ever wonder we use to generate winners)

and the winner is

John D

This fellow has 5 days to send us his shipping address to After that , its back in a rotation.

Since we also have a Seaguar giveaway going on, let’s pick a winner there too and clear out the schedule

The winner is North Shore Scott

same rules apply

I want to thank Tom from Commando Surfcasting for making this possible. We are proud to be giving one of our subscribers a chance  to  win such a prize.

I also want to alert you to something else

Tom at Commando Surfcasting is in the process of redesigning his website with an idea that you should be able to chose bag options from a  drop down menu and build your own bag.

He also wanted me to pass along this about their warranty

“The Commando Surfcasting lifetime warranty is simple. If your Commando bag fails to function during normal use and it is determined by us to have been caused by workmanship or material defects will we repair or replace it for FREE. The return shipping to the 48 contiguous states will also be FREE. This is not a new warranty and has been Commando Surfcasting’s warranty since day 1.”

and last but not least, Tom has added a sweatshirts, hooded and not hooded to his website. These quality sweatshirts feature Commando Surfcasting logo and are priced at only $22

You can find Commando surfcasting by clicking here

From Tom at Commando

I want to thank everyone for support and overwhelming response. I really hope that the bags makes someones Christmas special

23 comments on “Commando Bag Giveaway winner

  1. johnnyfish

    Merry Christmas Z,and everyone else there ,doing a great job with the site.You guys rock!!! also ,Thanks for all the chances

  2. Tom @ Commando

    I want to wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays and may we all have the best fishing season of our lives in 2011.

    Congratulations to John D. and my personal thanks to everyone for their participation in the giveaway.

    Most importantly, I want to thank Surfcasters Journal for the opportunity to be involved with their Anniversary/Christmas giveaway.

  3. mark m

    Tom, that is a very generous gift to give out on Christmas or any day for that matter. Good luck with your business and have a healthy New Year.

  4. Bob Eisey


    If you do not reply within 5 days, maybe Z can send me the bag to hold for you. lol. Enjoy the Holidays and have a great New Year.

  5. North Shore Scott

    Thank you very much for the Flouro.

    A very nice way to start your Christmas morning.

    That flouro will get put to good use.
    The first snowy day I will be tying leaders and bucktails thinking about when my friends with stripes come back.

    Merry Christmas Zeno and everyone at Surfcasters Journal.

  6. John D

    WOW!! What a Christmas present! I can’t believe I won this bag. I want to thank Zeno and the staff and especially Tom at Commando for making this a very special Christmas for me. Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year to all.

  7. CHIEF500

    Congrats to John D and a warm thank you to Tom White of Commando and Z of Surfcasters Journal. I hope you enjoy your bag as much as I have enjoyed and used mine. Top quality bag that the owner manufacturer has point alot of time and thought into. I’m looking forward to the new site Tom.
    Merrry Christmas to all my surfcasting friends.

  8. Irish

    Congrats John D and congrats SJ on 5 issues not many people are giving away Commando bags to pugs like us. Right on Z and Tommy


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