Coming up, Spring Striperthon and C&R Photo contest sponsored by Pelican Products

I am happy to inform all our readers that Surfcaster’s Journal will be announcing Spring Striperthon 2014 Catch and Release Tournament within next few weeks. We are all set with dates and prizes but are still working on some last minute details.

The rules will be identical as last year .I think we borrowed some from Dave Anderson Surfcaster’s Classic tournament at

By the way, for those of you that like competition, Dave runs a season long, team surf fishing challenge at

You should really check it out if you like to add a sprinkle of competition to your fishing adventures and fish with a partner. Its a season long tournament that will in my opinion grow larger each year.

Back to Spring SJ Striperthon

It will be held on a weekend in June, same rules as last year although we will probably raise the minimum limit from 28 inches upward. All the other rules shoyuld remain the same.

This year, the Grand Prize winner will walk away with Van Staal 250 reel, courtesy of Van Staal reels.


Second Place winner will recive a huge prize package from StormR

Choice of one

  • ·         STRYKR or Surf Top


  • ·         Torque Gloves
  • ·         Cast Gloves
  • ·         Watch cap Beanie
  • ·         Neoprene Socks
  • ·         Stickers/Decals
  • ·         UV Shield Performance Shirt
  • Total value of this package is over $400, all courtesy of StormR

RH Custom Rods, exclusive distributor of CTS rods will provide a prize for a third place winner, a CTS CB1003-1  10’ Surf & Jetty Series 2-4 oz. 1pc  Rod

If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas of how to make STRIPERTHON a better contest, please share your thoughts here.

This is by no means all, there are prize packages from Guppy Lures, Super Strike Lures, RockHopper Fishing and few others I am still working on. We are glad to be able to do this for our readers enjoyment and to promote catch and release. Like I said, there is no fee to participate but you must be a current SJ Subscriber to be eligible.

If that is not enough, shortly we will unveil our newest photo contest with a  prize that will definitely make you stop and notice. For best catch and release photograph of spring 2014, the winner will receive a brand new, built like a tank Pelican Pro Gear 45 quart Elite Cooler, courtesy of Pelican Products. You will never buy more and more ice when going away as Pelican will keep ice for 7 days!

So stay tuned for all these things. They all have one thing in common, our great readership and promoting catch and release and long term health of all species we catch in the surf.


And if you catch and release a bass over fitty…I will try to get you some casting lessons from this lovely lady


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