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I know many of you are making plans for this 4th of July weekend, I sincerely hope you catch plenty of fish and have a great time with your families. Tommy is putting finishing touches on the new issue, you should see it in few days.

Here is a video preview of issue #26


As you see, there is a new video from SJ columnist John Skinner, in addition to all your other favorite columnists.

We also have a full version of this Cuttyhunk Aerial video


and also a full version of Canal Memories with Wayne Hess from Guppy Lures. In addition to that there is a video from Red Top Sporting in Buzzards Bay Mass and of course, articles


Frank Pintauro on Vintage Lures

Interview with new ownership of Gibbs Lures

The Bottom Connection by Dennis Zambrotta

Lights & Shadows – by legendary Frank Daignault

$#!+ Happens – by Bill Jakob

A Team Approach – by Jeff Lomonaco & Luke Gaddis


We also have a new product giveaway slated for a this 4th from Hansom Tackle, a fitting Made in USA product, stay tuned for that

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  1. chuckr

    Sj has to be the BEST eMagizine and magazine around. Keep up the good work guys! Happy 4th to everyone.. 🙂


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