Classic Tins from Salty's

We like new stuff but we particularly like new stuff that comes out out of the shop of one of our supporters

check this out, these are new tins from Salty’s. No , not plated lead but pure old-fashioned tin that can be polished in the sand for as long as you own it. For those of you who like to use the tins at a very slow retrieve but were frustrated with your tins bumping the bottom, tin sinks at slower rate then plated lead lures.

Oh crap, why am I writing all this stuff?

just click here and go see for yourself

7 comments on “Classic Tins from Salty's

  1. Mark M

    Cool, I found a box of those types in the storage room of the shop when we took it over in April. Have not used them, but feedback about the pure tin is appreciated.

  2. Old Hippie

    These are perfect for us at Recycled Fish. As you know we promote the use of non-lead weights to protect our fish, and birds from lead poisoning. Fishing with non-lead weights in fresh water can also protect our drinking supply. This and other conservation information can be found at our web site, or by contacting me at the email address above. Thanks.

  3. Jim O'Dowd

    Look great!!!! I love the pure tin jigs -easy to shine up just add sand. Looking forward to getting my hands on some of those. Great Job!!


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