Chasing Roosters part II

For those of you who are thinking about fishing in exotic locations like Costa Rica or Mexico, I’ll share few photos and thoughts.

First, everyone tends to think that fish is what they are after, until they find themselves on a deserted beach in middle of nowhere, hooked up to a giant fish…and there is  no one to help, no one to take a picture, no one to hi-five or offer consolation if fish is lost. Charlie leaning inWhat I am saying is, for me personally, people that I travel with are more important than any fish we might catch. We are hoping to put Tommy in this picture next year. Dude would have a time of his LIFE in place like thisIMG_6796

The food in the types of places are nothing like you expect. No chicken nuggets and grilled chicken salads although if you request you can certainly get it. You sit down after pounding surf all morning and they bring the stuff out. What it is ? Whatever they made for themselves. Always with piping hot tortillas wrapped in cloth and a either jalopeno, habanero, serano or some other home made hot sauce that has a possibility to make your stomach a lava pit and the throne your best friend……until it actually starts hurting to go, then no one is you best friend any longer. Take my word on this one, I learned the hard wayUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_13e4IMG_6545


You got to watch the seeded stuff as Chuck found out in a hurry….Caliente !!!


Simplicity rules the day, although sometimes some of us  who live in high pressure and fast moving societies failed to see the beauty in small things. Maybe you come home and look at this picture and only then admire the rings on this obviously very old tree.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_13c1

Or look at this twenty plus feet table that Hotel owner carved and finished on his own. How many hours of labor that must have taken ?UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_13f3

if you are the type that demands cold ac in your room on the spot and hot water to be pissing hot, if you mind shoeing flies while you eat or are freaked out by land crabs running wild in the hallways at night, this is not a place for you…lol

I do have to admit, the crabs can freak you out a little until you get used to it. Giant Bull frogs that guard the stairs at night, I still cant get used to that !!!IMG_6687

btw, for those of you and that might have missed it, we recently came out with two new shirts, the new Maroon Lighthouse shirt and the new Night King shirt. These were made for the fisherman show in Huntington few weeks ago. Whatever we have left we’ve put in the online store after the show but the night king shirts sold out within 24 hours. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we did reorder them  and are expecting them to be in stock within the next 10 days

more on Mexico to come

Night KingIMG_6857



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