Bone Darters giveaway from Super Strike Lures

I love when Steve Musso from Super Strike Lures asks us  would we be interested in a giveaway of some crazy painted Super Strike Lures.

Like these BONE Darters!!!

He must be kidding becouse we are all over anything he makes

Yes, we know that you might get a woody ogling at these lures but that are not wood. They are not inconsistent. And you can’t buy them 🙂

But you can win them here on the blog. A great way to start a week

3 BONE special painted darter by Steve Musso going to one lucky winner.

What a great way to start a weekend


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506 comments on “Bone Darters giveaway from Super Strike Lures

  1. Moses

    I’m soo in guys! You can’t go wrong with bone! Thanks for the shot. Thanks Steve! They look sweet.


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