Bite Club

sent by the blog subscriber Mickey Melchiondo
 enjoy the action


10 comments on “Bite Club

  1. Danny O

    Ladies and Gents, Dean Ween! I bet Zeno doesn’t even know. Zeno, Deener here is grade A rock star and an awesome guy taboot. And he fishes HARD! I hope to fish with him this fall.

  2. CTMatt


    Too dang funny…and a wrecker in the end to boot!

    Some frosty brews ices over any misfortune!

    Do they have a page?

  3. Ron Mattson

    Great film,but I would not want to eat that fish with sores on its side and tail..probably micobacteriosis. As a matter of fact I do not touch them now except with a boga-grip. Many cases last year in the Chesapeake Bay Area of the ‘fish handlers’ disease. One close friend had 35 stitches to close the surgery needed to remove diseased tissue in his hand and forearm.


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