Big stripers videos and GT too

Hmm, lets see , what is one thing that would make you warm and fuzzy on this brutally cold day? I don’t drink so I cant offer you any of that and both Kate Upton and Amanda Drury have restraining  orders on me

Fresh video about catching a big striper?


Here is Surfcaster’s Journal columnist John Skinner video landing a 33 pound striper on a pencil popper that he just uploaded to YouTube.


Need something more “artistic”?


How about this new video from Larry Wentworth from Big Fish Bait Co he just uploaded top YouTube? I got to tell you, Larry much better half (trust me, I’ve met Angie. She is a doll and a hell of an angler in her own right ) has some very, very good editing skills.


Not only that, but he makes some mean wood plugs and I got a box from him this week which I will share with you guys in the days to come. Yes, your membership to SJ has its rewards beyond the publication itself.


After shutting down our automatic email notification service for those whose cards are declined or expired on Monday and after our web genius updated software, he activated it today. We wont know the results until after midnight but if ANY of you get multiple emails from the magazine after midnight that are identical please contact me at He is pretty confident that all is well but to be honest with you, I have not slept well in days and I wont until I know this issue is resolved to my satisfaction.


And last…I don’t know why,  but these GT’s are spinning in my head last few days. My buddy Ray keeps telling me they are on his bucket list and I am starting to see why. The power of these fish is incredible. I need to go get a rag to wipe the drool off my face



Boat but what power !


And why don’t we toss in the best short surfcasting movie ever made?



11 comments on “Big stripers videos and GT too

  1. mike

    Question for John. Can you explain the thinking of walking back when fish was in rocks? My first thought would be to walk forward to relieve the stress.

    1. John Skinner

      I needed to pull the fish away from the rocks. I was thinking the fish had already lost some steam, and maybe I could just drag it out of there before it got in further.

  2. BigjJim

    Frickin AWESOME Thanks guys and to Mike Mr. Skinner explains why he is walking backwards watch it again and listen he always explains what he is doing

  3. Joe GaNun

    These blog entries are always great. This one in particular is loaded with great stuff. That last video is one of the best. I have now seen it maybe 5 times and aside from the over the top excitement you get from all of those guys, I am convinced that Mr Melnyck is nuts…in a good way, but nuts.


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