Big Fish

This has been one week from hell fighting this flu. The only good thing that came out of it that I now know what the flu feels like. No thanks, give me a regular nasty cold any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Its Friday, many of you will hit the beaches this weekend, many of you for the first time. Some of you will just want to stretch your legs and others are expecting to catch few schoolies to start their season.

But do you , or should you have expectations of bigger fish this early in the season? For 99% of the people the answer is no. But those few that fish herring runs, usually in brackish water are often  rewarded with some monsters each spring.

Remember this fish? From what we were told, it was caught around this time of the year few seasons ago.


Wouldn’t it be nice 🙂

Have a great weekend

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21 comments on “Big Fish

  1. Rob G

    I couldn’t even imagine what something like that would feel like at the end of your line…someday I hope to know for sure!

  2. Jeremy A

    I can imagine what a bass like that feels on the end of your line, but thats it. I was not able to turn my biggest fish…just wasnt prepared for that kind of fight and froze up and forgot to cup the spool and stop the beast for fear of line breaking….wish I had tried! line broke anyway on a sailboat waaaaay out. I can only dream of that missed opportunity:(
    Amazing beautiful beast of a cow.

  3. CTMatt

    I know this fish was catch and release right? It looks huge compared to the Meyerson fish but it could be the angle and everything.

    Speaking of Meyerson I know he is a well respected boat fisherman who puts his time in and clearly knows where to target 50,60,70+ pound fish as does Billy the Greek so i would say finding a slob like these is easier then winning the lottery.

  4. Dooley

    That fish was safely released as it was caught before the official season opened (Maryland or Delaware…I cant remember). Easily would have been a new world record…

  5. DZ

    If you’re surf fishing you never know when your shot will come. Better always be ready because “the take” tends to happen when you’re not expecting it.


  6. Rav

    One thing i try to pass along to some of you younger guys is how important it is to understand how to Boost your immune system because the older you get…. the more important it becomes. Health isn’t a given it’s something you “earn” like respect.

    Yeah, that fish is absolutely a monster and i’d love to read about the fight,the bait used and more.

  7. richtrox

    Feel better soon Z. Influenza ain’t no laughing matter. Ask your doctor for a B12 shot. They work wonders getting rid of the shaky feeling and weakness that happen after flu. B12 is not readily absorbed throughthe stomach lining, so taking B12 orally is basically a waste. Get the B12 shot and next year, get a flu shot.

    Jeremy A – “.Billy the Greek! haha that was a great book:)
    I wonder if he still uses his old school Squidder?”

    No, he uses a Newell.


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