Berkeley Fishing Club Flea Market video

Something different today, part of a bigger project

Custom Lure Builders at Berkeley Fishing Club annual Flea Market

Asbury next week and than we are done!!! We can then put our efforts towards striperthon 2017, striper day 2017 and all things striper…new issue almost wrapped up too[youtube] [/youtube]


most of you know I had elbow issues in the past. We’ll after i smacked my elbow yesterday on the ladders at work, my elbow issues grew to grotesque proportions

Literally and figuratively, Pic from a cab on the way to Bellevue ER…yeah, i thought I would puke too.




yes, that is my casting elbow


8 comments on “Berkeley Fishing Club Flea Market video

  1. beret

    Bummer Z……………….hope you get it resolved before the bigs girls arrive………………..good luck.


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