Bazinga !!!

Do I really have to say more?
The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal is up for your reading pleasure
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I would like to thank members of Asbury Fishing Club for organizing a great show. We had a great time and did not expected to be cleaned out SJ Night Shift shirts…again..we literally have 2 left which we put into online store..we also added few of the New SJ Time and Tide shirts to our online store. Again, only few and only few sizes. Grab what you can….once we regroup we will take a look at what will we be ordering for online store now that the show season is over

Click on either shirt image and it will take you to the store. That is all now…need some sleep




20 comments on “Bazinga !!!

  1. Mike

    Awesome issue. Pretty sure the “wind knot” article was directed at me because of one of my posts on the blog. Over spooling is defiantly the culprit. Thanks again for all you guys do…

  2. sioca

    Z, TC and the rest of the crew, job well done… As I post it yesterday to Z’s Q.: ‘Lucky I kept up running it keeps me in this sport”. Thanks “DOC”! You addressed it more eloquently for those of us 60+. That is what I was alluding to. The recognition (no longer 20) and adjustments (exercise, healthier eating, etc.) to father time.

  3. CTMatt

    Really like some of the photography! Great articles!
    Dave Anderson is on my list to meet at a show/surf day. Love his column.

  4. Greg Tucceri

    Great stuff as always. After reading all the hype about the CTS and Century rods I really needed to see this fir myself. Played with both both at the the RI show this weekend and decided to go with the Century 10 Stealth. Century would you have was right across from VS. The guys at VS let me test it out on a 250. Freaking sweet, but was even more excited when I got home and put the spooled TRQ-5 and VS 250 on the balance was right on. It’s just amazes me the diameter of this thing and the power it has. Can’t wait to get to the cape this week for a few test casts.

  5. mikec67s

    Z …tried to get to talk to you at the asbury show… was like trying to get near a clean hooker giving out free pootang….Haha…but….anyway ……awesome writing….i’ll 59 in may….you really hit the nail on the head….even when we step in sh-t you have a way to not make it smell so bad …great reading and a heart felt thank you……….Bazinga

  6. J Colson

    Really enjoyed McKenna’s article on tackle, etc. I had a similar conversation with a plug maker at the RI show regarding the overkill of much of today’s surfcasting tackle. Thanks for a good read!

  7. JohnP

    I liked the cooking article, some basic tips I really needed. I liked the 4×4 but gotta ask why my jeep mechanic insists I dont need a tranny cooler for the wrangler unlimited. Gamefish article very factual. Maybe a future article on how and why ASMFC reps always vote the way they do.

  8. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Great new issue. I call dibs on saying the cover is the favorite picture in any contest..haha. one thing, and I say this not wishing to offend anyone. But is fly casting with a fly rod REALLY surf fishing? (yeah I know if you stand on the shore and cast to water it is. But really?! Really?!). Anyway I hope I didn’t ruffle any hackles. And great issue. Keep it coming.

  9. CTMatt

    Personally I don’t think it matters how you get your bait/lure out there it is about where you fish. As long as it isn’t from a boat.

    Anyway I wanted to mention Christina Agulerra has really nice Bazingas but i still prefer SJ #12

  10. Dennis

    Great issue and some great pictures, but I can’t see how any of them can beat the picture of Pee Wee, Rodney and David Lee Roth.


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