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Shows in the Good Old Days – A Reflection

  In the 1950’s, every winter, a Sportsman’s Show would be held in New York City. Fishermen, campers and hunters from all over the metropolitan area looked forward to this show every year. It was truly something special, particularly for a young teenage boy. My memories are fading but what follows are my best recollections. I might have some stuff wrong but here goes.

The shows were staged in various places such as the old Madison Square Garden, the old New York Coliseum and an Armory in the Bronx. All the manufacturers of outdoor equipment, fishing tackle and hunting gear were present. In addition to being able to see and handle the latest equipment, there were all sorts of special events that took place during the show.

In the middle of the exhibition floor was a large swimming pool. My guess is that it was about 120 feet long and 50 feet wide and 4 feet deep. At one end was a wooden platform. This was the scene of much of the entertainment. There were “lumberjack” contests in and adjacent to the pool. Two canoes would launch each with a paddler in the back. In the front of each would stand men holding long poles with large boxing glove like cushions on one end. Starting from opposite end of the pool, Continue reading