Announcing STRIPERTHON 2013, October 18-20th


I am not going to get on my soapbox today regarding the state of fisheries. I always wrote this blog from the personal perspective and my opinions are my own. And what I see I don’t like. But there is nothing I can do but make you aware of what I see. But today is not the day..because all the fish are taking different migration patterns, the bait is in deep water, the surf temperatures are too high, we have no storms and yeah…Sandy did it!

Nope, today we are going to talk STRIPERTHON 2013 Catch and Release Contest.  So let’s get to it

But before I say anything, let me get this out and please no thanks or kudos. You’ll know in life when time is right for something, and to me this feel as good time as any. The fishing community, all of you on the blog, all the magazine subscribers, advertisers and yes, even lurkers, all of you have had an effect on my life and life of my family. You maybe subscribed to the magazine, maybe you bought a shirt or my book over the years. My point is, I and my family are grateful for the support. We kind of came up with this contest concept quickly, basically copying our editor’s Dave Anderson rules from his season long Surfcaster’s Classic tournament at (if you haven’t checked it yet, you should ). At first, I was going to keep the prizes simple and modest. It’s about friendly competition, it’s about camaraderie, it’s about bringing attention to the declining fishery. And it’s about us getthanking you. But it’s also moved me to thank you on a personal level. So I bought a shinny ZeeBaaS reel for the winner on my own. Just as a token of thanks to all of you. I wish I could buy you each one. I also wish striper stocks would be what they are few years ago. All in due time, I guess. But that it, I just had to get it off my chest. No thanks needed or necessary. Save them for SJ writers who according to many emails we get “always give their all and they never just mail-it-in”‘

Yup, we got a lot to be proud off. I am only going to make one plea. For fairness and ethics. That’s it.

Back to important stuff.



Everywhere in saltwater striped bass swims. Yup..anywhere in saltwater, any state, any county, any rock your heart desires


Weekend of October 18 at 5 pm through  October 20th till 5 pm

Minimum size?


Entry fee?

Zero, Nada, Nula. All Surfcaster’s Journal Subscribers are automatically entered. No entry fee. If you were thinking about subscribing, now might be a good time?


Two pictures, one picture with ruler and SJ Tag and one of you holding the fish. See rules below.


  1. ZeeBaaS 27 Spinning Reel
  2. St Croix AVSS100MF2 Avid Surf Rod
  3. Hansom Tackle Pack -Pliers, Knife ,Sheaths
  4. Set of Super Strike Lures
  5. Surfcaster’s Journal Gear

SJ Striperthon 2013



Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine announces STRIPERTHON 2013

Coast wide Catch and Release Tournament on October 18th to 21st.

The STRIPERTHON 2013 is open to only subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. There is no entry fee, as a subscriber you are automatically entered.

Only saltwater striped bass may be entered into the tournament.
All fish entered into the STRPERTHON 2013 must be caught in a surfcasting situation. A surfcasting situation constitutes contacting the ground, rocks, beach or a dock with ones feet. Any means may be used to reach these destinations, such as boat, ferry, swimming or kayaking but the fish must be hooked and landed while the angler’s feet are in contact with the Earth or something permanently affixed to the Earth.
All fish entered must be caught using a rod and reel and a legal live (or dead) bait or lure.

The CONTEST TAG will be emailed to you at 5 pm on Friday October 18th. TAG must be included in the photo for each fish entered into the tournament. You may also download it onto your cell phone and show the TAG on your phone screen in the photo as well
All measurements will be ROUNDED UP to the nearest whole inch.
All qualifying fish have to be photographed with the CONTEST TAG and next to a measuring tape showing entire length of the fish in inches visible in the photo accompanied by a SECOND photo of the angler holding the fish. This event is intended to be a CATCH AND RELEASE competition, remember all fish must be photographed alive. Minimum size 28 inches

The largest fish by length will win first prize, second largest second prize and so on. In case of a tie, the first entry submitted will be placed ahead of a second entry of the identical size.

You must send us your entry pictures by 5PM on Sunday October 20th. Email pictures to with email heading “STRIPERTHON 2013”.  Include your name and phone contact.
Anyone caught cheating in any way will be disqualified, ejected and publicly shamed.  This means any photo editing, unannounced substitutions, entering fish caught by non members etc, will result in disqualification. We reserve the right to disqualify any entries in which the measurements are not clearly visible without enlargement. The SJ tournament committee will have final say in all disputes concerning the legitimacy of photos, size of the fish and quality of the photo submitted.. Photos entered without a CONTEST TAG shown will not be counted, no exceptions.
Contest TAG must be printed at a size of 6 inches by 6 inches or larger.
You are urged to take whatever means necessary to protect the TAG. Designating a page in your leader wallet is a great way to protect the tag. It is also wise to print several extras because, water and paper don’t mesh well.

All anglers fishing in any STRIPERTHON 2013 tournament agree to do so at their own risk. Surfcaster’s Journal, it’s owner, partners, sponsors or employees are in no way liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the act of fishing or traveling, walking, boating or kayaking to or from a fishing location. By printing the Contest TAG  you agree to indemnify and defend Surfcaster’s Journal, it’s owner and/or employees against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs which may, in any way, arise from your  participation in the STRIPERTHON 2013.

13 comments on “Announcing STRIPERTHON 2013, October 18-20th

  1. Lou

    I have been fishing the go tight compition all season. It has been a BLAST. Few hints, Make sure your tape has large numbers and a white backround. Make sure your camera is fully charged. I take my tag each week and seal it in a sandwich size baggie. If you put it in the baggie, dunk it in a pot of water UP TO THE ZIP LOCK and seal it you will have no air in it and it takes good pictures. Print more then one and keep it in the car….
    Go to the gotight site and look at the photo’s and you will get an idea. It is not hard to het 45 & 50″ fish in the photo… GOOD LUCK TO ALL..!!!!!!

  2. crscott2

    This is going to be fun, and the results should be interesting.

    Dave, when you get the time, do you think you could make a video explaining how each tourney works on There is a lot going on on that website, and im not sure that im getting it all.

    Thanks guys for pushing catch & release tournaments! I hope you guys are keeping a database of catches so you can show how many pounds of striped bass are still swimming after your tournaments are done and the season is over.

    Good work

  3. harry stephens

    Z ,your the guy behind the camera so maybe you can help me out. Most of the time I fish alone so how do I get a picture of myself holding my contest winning fish with just the camera on my phone,my arms are long but not that long. any suggestions? many thanks

    1. Zeno Post author

      they have self portrait mode on camera
      I would discouraged anyone from taking cell phone shots unless they have a LOT of light. Mostly likely will be a blurry mess

  4. DonR

    Z, clarification= we can download the tag to our phone & tag must be 6″x6″. My iphone if not 6×6. Can we still use the phone?

  5. Zeno Post author

    No one has a 6×6 phone so obviously you’d use whatever phone you have to display tag
    Good question

  6. Frank Goncalves

    Sorry if this has been covered but if we are subscribed the tag gets emailed to us automatically, correct? We don’t have to enter something in order to receive the tag via email?


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