Almost there…

I think many of you are probably jonesing to go fishing right about now, with 70 degree temperatures expected today. It won’t be long…only few shows left in this season. Go out and enjoy the sun today

RISAA is a big one for New England area. Haven’t gone in few years but would like to. Asbury is on tap this weekend. This (in addition to Surf Day in NJ) is the only show we are officially attending. We will have both, The Night Crew and Time and Tide shirts at Asbury so stop by the table and pick up your favorite. Limited quantities of each. If any are left we will put them up in the online store next week .







There is also a great show at one of the Surfcaster’s Journal long time  supporters, Pat at River’s End in CT . On the 24th to be exact, in his shop. I heard there is a pig roast planed and this is always a great time. Its free and you got a great line up of speakers.
John Skinner – Fishing the Bucktail. John just wrote the definitive book on how to fish one of the deadliest striper lures.

Tony Stetzko – Reading the Beach. Tony will show you how to determine what’s going on under the surf

Steve McKenna – will demonstrate Slug go rigging.
Steve has mastered the rigging and fishing of this “must have” in your bag.


and now the video I made way before I bought a MAC for video editing. In fact, it was uploaded to YouTube on August 22 of 2010, which was about 2 years….it just sat there in a private folder, I really didn’t know what to do with it. You’ll see why


Think content and forget the picture…lol


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13 comments on “Almost there…

  1. Jerry

    Great job. Great effort. That is not a mere interview, that is a treasure and part of the relatively limited historical record of surfcasting in which pride and passion unite all of us here.

  2. CTMatt

    This weather has me itching to head to big water as holdovers have been plentiful inland but I also love to mountain bike which makes “nice day” decisions tough. Regardless everyone should wet a line! I plan to at least tonight!

  3. Robert McCarthy

    Johnny said
    ” I’m not taken down the for that rat! “. (24 lb )
    The bluff’s and tackle sure has changed

  4. Jimmy Z

    I scouted some new spots this past winter, closer to home. I’m gonna have a big BLAST this season, for sure!

  5. harv

    old school always the best! like you the incredible shrinking man bam bam nick t is comming over to the scj booth to get my heather gray large t shirt tomorrow, thanks in advance, he has a bunch of counterfit 20’s lmao

  6. smellsfishy

    I could listen to Fred all day. Talk about a wealth of info. I’m sure he’s forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

  7. Rich60

    Want a couple of those shirts. Please have some left over for the online store. If not please make some for the store.
    Gettin close and gettin the itch.



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