All the news that are fit to print…and another giveaway

Keep an eye on this cold front coming this Thursday, the temperatures will be dropping drastically overnight. For all of you mullet run fans, this might be the day to hit the beach on the outgoing tide looking for these little suckers.

Speaking of Thursday, there is an annual Fisherman Show and Seminar on tap on Long Island . Crazy Alberto, Bill Wetzel, Paul Melnyk and William Doc Muller are just some of the seminar speakers. Looking forward to seeing some of the familiar faces. If we never meet, stop by our table and say hi. Tommy and I should be there .

If you haven’t picked up Doc’s new book , Surfcaster : The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide, this is a wonderful chance to pick up a copy and have Doc sign it for you.

Our resident Rod Guru , Lou Caruso from asked me to throw this out at you guys. He wants to know what do you guys want him to cover and write about. So if you have a suggestion, chime in, he is always interested in what our readers want to read about.

We have a wonderful giveaway coming your way from the fine folks at Red Gills in few days. We wanted to give you a chance to read trough the new issue of the magazine first before we swamp you with …its coming sometimes next week. Stay tuned…

In tackle store news…most of the stores are getting fresh bunker on regular basis including our supporters LI Outdoorsman and Saltwater’s Tackle…speaking of Outdoorsman, they just had Ralph Votta from Charlie Graves tins re-supply their inventory with his fine tins. There is a rumor that Saltwaters Tackle might carry RM Smith plugs in the near future. East End Tackle has a wonderful contest going on trough the fall, stop by and ask Scott about it. Fisherman’s Headquarters in NJ is reporting some uptick in fish activity on the local beaches. If I was you I’d stop by and check out new Penn Torque bail less..I think you are going to be very, very surprised by this reel…more on that in the near future. Pat at River’s End is of course the ultimate surfcasting headquarters in Connecticut. If I lived any closer I think I’d set up shop in the…..Do keep in mind that Pat runs a great Surf Day in March, something you should definitely ad to your calendar.  And of course, Paul at Paulie’s Bait and Tackle is eagerly anticipating your arrival in Montauk. Fish are there and waiting, you are going to have to trust me on this one 🙂 . And last and not least by any means, I have heard that Mark at Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle is now an authorized  Zee Bass dealer and they will be doing servicing and warranty work on LI  so you won’t have to send your reel for servicing in CT…more on zbass coming in near future too

But for today, we will give you a chance (again) to win these new preloaded medium and small needlefish from fine folks at Super Strike. We posted two or three times the winner name and he has never came trough…so we will do this a bit different…in few days we will pick a winner. If he does not responds within 48 hours, we’ll pick the runner up…until we find the home for these delicious looking lures. I am sure that whoever wins these beauties will clean up in the fall with them.

So good luck and thank you goes to folks at Super Strike Lures

222 comments on “All the news that are fit to print…and another giveaway

  1. bunufish

    Yum. I’m in. In terms of something for Mr Caruso, I always get asked by friends, what kind of rod should I get, reel, etc. I try to steer them in the right direction, but how about a recommendation for rod & reels at different price levels? 200

    could be for just the rod or if you do reels would be cool too. I have friends with differing price points. haha, and since we’re here, i think of the women’s magazine that has a model and her outfit and a price tag for each item down to accessories…. how about a surf casting version… cost of waders, tackle bag, rod reel, etc. You can do 2 or 3 types of anglers… Budget Surfcaster, Single and has $$ to spare surfcaster, Keep a separate bank account surf caster. ok back to work.

  2. RShortell

    I would like Lou to do a piece on a pencil specific rod for south shore use. Type of blank,guides,lentgh etc. And I am also in.


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