All About The Rods with Lou Caruso

Another new Surf Fishing 101 video

Today, with SJ Rod Guru Lou Caruso, explaining the basics about rods



One comment on “All About The Rods with Lou Caruso

  1. Chuck Gricus

    Great SURF FISHING 101, with Lou, I started out with a 9 foot BT-108, great all around plug and eel rod, over the years went thru many rods and 4 rotator surgeries which had me give up my 11 foot Vapor Trail. Had an 11 foot Petersen fiberglas cut down to 9’10” a great parabolic rod to get plugs up to 3 ounces out there and not wreck my already wrecked shoulders. I think S-glas and old standby fiberglas Lamis are underrated and under utilized. I see a lot of us older guys gravitating back to fiberglass…


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