50th issue of SJ is LIVE!!!

Special Gigantic  50th issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine is live and ready for your reading pleasure issue50

3 comments on “50th issue of SJ is LIVE!!!

  1. joegbreezy

    SCJ Crew…great job. This 50th issue is loaded. I think I joined around issue 5 or 6 and have looked forward to SCJ every month or so, more so than any paper publication. A few years go at The Fisherman Show I asked you or Tommy if it was possible to create some kind of library index for articles on certain categories or maybe by contributor, plug color, needlefish, block island. Dave Andersen, Big Rock, new products etc.
    It used to be fairly easy to go back a few issues to find something to re-read, now it’s a needle in a haystack, largely because you guys have done such a great job with content and there are so many issues. Just a thought.


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