2015 Montauk Madness Part 2 and video

1 PM
I knew that it would not take long for me to pass out in the truck. Between driving, rock hopping and running I was due to for a rest. I set alarm for 4 PM and settled in my front seat

I was woken by the yelling …..FISH!!


Dazed and confused I look at my clock and its 1 35.
I look outside the window to catch a glimpse of a boil in the water. Only one guy is fishing, Nick the son of the owner of Paulies bait and tackle. I am trying to figure out what it going on when I see his rod doubled over. I watch him land the fish and make another cast, all while thinking I should get back to sleep. Then he hooks up again and a guy walks up next to him and hooks up too.


Both of them land big bluefish, well in excess of 12 pounds and within ten minuted there is about 5 guys in the water. Mostly people with kids, to be honest, very few had waders or looked like regulars. The bunker is hugging the shore nervously and occasional leaping in the air, no doubt chased by big blues. I get out of the truck and look into the wave and you can see big blues racing through the waves. It was so cool to see!

I grabbed my camera and took some shots and then grabbed the rod and made few casts, and then camera and then rod and then camera and then rod. Mother of God, before I knew it, it was 8PM. So many big blues were landed by very few guys that were there and it was so awesome to see kids get into it. One young surfcaster was particularly impressive.
He was geared up from head to toe, had a mean cast and could work a pencil popper like it was nobodies business. I decided to hang around him a little with a camera and shot this short feature.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-3i6X_B8W0[/youtube]

My sincerest congrats to his dad on a job well done educating this young angler. The bite kept going on and off all day and as you can see in the video, it was sunset and it was still going…remember I was woken at 1 35 ?waaaaaaaaaaaaaaafrfee

I tried to get a drone up as the sun was setting but all I managed it was crashing it into ground before it ended up in water. I had so many issues with it last few times I am afraid to put it where is should be…high above.fagtg

By 8 30 PM I am in town, back at 7/11 refilling my thermos and contemplating what to do. Originally I was going to just sleep in the truck, get up for sunrise with drone and go home. But all that bait, and there was spearing, peanuts, white bait and big bunker (in addition I heard of squid and tinker mackerel) made me think maybe i should suit up after dark? Besides, drone looks shot

I walked back to my truck, put the thermos down and keys into ignition and lights came on automatically only to light up a chick holding the other chick by waist who had two fingers in her throat. Of course she proceeded to puke on the front of my truck. Seriously ? Drunk at 8 PM? The town is a total shithole with man-bun wearing, lumberjack bearded looking 20 something year olds with absolutely no respect, sincerity or manners. They turned what was once a family destination into playground for citidiots. The line TO GET INTO the bars were 100 people deep. Can you imagine waiting on line for hour to get a drink? Are u kidding, I could ferment the wild berries in Camp Hero into alcohol faster! Anyway, I took the back roads back to the Point to avoid driving those two blocks thought the town as the cars were not even moving.

9 PM
Decision Time
Wetsuit was not going to happen. I was too tired, too cranky to be wet. If I was going to give a shot it was going to be in waders. There was half eaten bunker littering the shore where I pulled up. Good omen?
10 PM
After internal debate and cleaning up my truck a bit which now had cameras thrown about, I decided that I was going to try fishing. But it was going to be on my terms. Waders, no wetsuit. Two SS needles, two SS darters, and two SP minnows. That was all I was taking. I had no intentions or desire to fish under the light so few bucktails that were in my bag already were sufficient. Three flashlight, primary, secondary and God-forbid light that stays in the surf bag were laid out along with waders, belt, jacket, bag and of course SJ hat.

Now north side is a lot tighter than south side so I wont go into a specific names. All I will tell you is that I started in my most favorite and most hated spot on north side. I love fishing here because it can be so freaking good but I often wished I had a cup over my balls as every wave clips me in the crotch. You move back, waves seem to get bigger and you cant reach the promising water. You move forward and you’ll get slapped so hard by a wave you will wish you had a wetsuit on. There is not a single rock here to stand on so I fired up a SS needle up current and let it drift. I missed the first 2 fish, all while telling myself they are tiny fish that missed the hooks. Then it got quiet for awhile and I switched to SS Halloween darter (yeah I fish those crazy colors). Right away I got two bass but the third one will haunt me for awhile. It buried its nose into the rocks and I could not turn it. Next thing I know it came unbuttoned and i did not know why. After closer inspection I found out that one of the VMC trebles has been broken off the trebles. Sometimes you win, sometimes the fish does. I managed few more fish into teens and then the bite died. I moved around few spots on the north side for few hours and even tried the bars, not a place where I would usually fish the incoming but all the bait was there, but I never found fish
At 1 AM I am back by my truck and I say to myself, its time, screw the sunrise and avoid all traffic. By 3 AM, 24 hours after getting up I am back in my bed…The Circle of a One Day Trip Completedfagdcvbn b

14 comments on “2015 Montauk Madness Part 2 and video

  1. Matt H

    “The town is a total shithole with man-bun wearing, lumberjack bearded looking 20 something year olds with absolutely no respect, sincerity or manners.”

    Z you’re a great story teller and boy did you hit the nail on the head with this quote! Can’t put it any better than that!

  2. Jerry

    Quite a day and quite a story. nothing better than spending a day catching mere miles away from the txt walking, bunheaded dooshbag in town. Congrats to that kid too, that was fun to watch

  3. Johnp

    Don’t worry about the drinkers. They left yesterday. But if observations and police reports are accurate a good number got tickets or worse over the weekend. Saw a bunch of kids getting busted by the Sloppy Tuna. Sunday night I can claim holier than thau but I was once in my 20s too.

  4. Zeno Hromin Post author

    John, I doubt anyone on this site got carried home drunk more times that I did….lol.
    And I LOVE happy people that are partying, Hell, like Zohan said lets disco
    but these are rude and obnoxous crowds

  5. Jason Colby

    It was getting like that 30 years ago and that’s why I left. On weekends, “The Rectum of the Earth” (NYC) would open and spew all over Montauk!

  6. Johnp

    I hear ya on that. I guess when I was about 24 I was still doing share houses in Spring Lake NJ and Masnasquan but I got more into going out to dinner and doing fishing and diving charters.
    I was also getting up early to fish the local jetties let’s see how this Montauk thing plays out. Lots of discussion at Town Hall and lots and lots of tickets and arrests. Quite a few city kids will be taking trips out to the court this fall with their lawyers to stand before the judge

  7. Frank

    You wrote about the crazy disrespectful crowds in Montauk. I live out here and the problem you described is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. At the heart of it is the illegal house renting that crowds in more people than the houses were designed to accommodate.

    Bedrooms, cellars, garages all divided up into smaller spaces without proper egress. Firemen and tenant safety is ignored just to make a dollar. Neighborhood residents losing the quality of life from a crowd that came to party. School taxes going up and up because 1 family homes are now occupied with 3 families. Stressed out septic systems polluting ground water. Community resources over taxed throughout East Hampton.

    I started an online petition to create a Rental Registry so the Town will know which houses are being rented and owner information is available for contact. It will allow code enforcement to do a better job of responding to illegal housing and to take appropriate action when necessary.

    Please sign the Petition and help us return the Montauk we love. https://www.change.org/p/town-of-east-hampton-ny-residents-sign-this-petition-to-create-a-rental-registry-for-east-hampton-new-york?just_created=true


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