2011…coming up fast

I am sorry to have been MIA for few days but my brain needed a little break. Don’t worry, it’s a very little brain so it needs only a small boost to recharge. 🙂
I do want to tell you that we take your suggestions very seriously and we are working on incorporating your ideas into the future issues of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.
But again, this all starts with you…yes, there are many of you who are new to the sport and feel that you can’t contribute yet but you might be able to contribute in other ways, maybe a recipe, a funny story, or even venting frustration. If it’s about surfcasting, we want to hear it. I am serious when I say that we will consider any submission. If I wanted to, one finger typing and all, I could have written every issue myself. But we decided that it was more important to involve other people, those you know and many you didn’t.

And those of you with salt in your veins, this winter hiatus is a wonderful time to put into the words whatever has been rattling in your head for awhile. SJ information line is always open.:-)

I know many of you liked Dave Anderson article in this issue of the Journal. Many of you know Dave as a former editor of NE Fisherman, some of you have read his articles and some of you probably know he is a hell of a fisherman and a nice guy. What some of you probably do not knew is that Dave is also highly regarded lure builder that makes his lures under the name of Surf Asylum.
We are happy to tell you that Mr. Anderson will be our Plug Guru who will write a column on Plugoholic Anonymous, an organization many of you belong to without even knowing.

It’s just one of the things we are adding for 2011. More news to come…

Mr. Anderson has a free newsletter he will mail it to your for free. All you have to do is drop him a line at danderson_nef@yahoo.com and tell him you want to receive it.

Stay tuned for a kickass giveaway to get us into New Year..

for those of you who registered for the 2011 seminars, no need to worry, your seats are reserved

we only have less then handfull of spots left…if you need more info, here is the link   Seminar Series 2011

6 comments on “2011…coming up fast

  1. Ron D

    I met Dave a couple of years ago at the RISAA show. We had booths opposite each other. He’s a real nice guy and a heck of a plug builder. He will surely make a great addition to SJ!

  2. CTmatt

    Hey Z…

    I did love that Easter Egg photo hunt you had a while back and the “pic the favorite picture post” from whichever issue you were up to. Fun stuff too!

  3. Bob McD


    Love your photography and the magazine! During the winter months I would like to see a few articles on Fishing & Photography. One possibly article could be on cameras and photo equipment that is used by professionals like Alberto Knie, Rich Siberry, Ken Baldwin, yourself and others in the outdoor marine environment.

    Happy New Year to all the staff,


  4. funkyangler

    Happy new year everybody……i’m goin for a long sleep till April 15th….in the meantime my other half will be playing a lot of music !!!!!! funk it up yo!!!!


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