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Tell us about your no-so great moments

As we are getting ready to unveil issue # 9 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine, I want to throw few things your way.

First, we are still looking for your contributions. If you have a desire to write, please contact me at info@surfcastersjournal.com and tell me what would you like to write about. We are open to any ideas and your kids will get a kick out of it 🙂

Second, Scott from Hansom Tackle, maker of fine Hansom Pliers had a very good suggestion and I think a lot of you could get involved .

He suggested we ask you, our readers to give us a short story along the lines “It could only happen to me” thing. Did you ever ripped your waders on a rock, got a hook in your hand, caught your biggest fish on a dead eel, drove to Montauk without your rod, broke your rod in the basement, pee in your waders (wetsuit don’t count..lol)…You get my drift. We want to hear from you about a mishap that you endured and that our readers will get a  kick out of.

So email me and tell me a short version of your story…looking forward to hearing from you. God knows I endured more mishaps than many of you think is humanly possible..but this is not about me. I want to hear from you.

Here is a video from pictures featured in William” Doc” Muller’s new book, Surfcaster : The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide, available at your local tackle shop and Amazon.com