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Surfcaster…a new book by William "Doc" Muller

When William “Doc” Muller approached me this winter and asked me if I was interested in working with him on a book I was floored. I won’t give you the long version but will only tell you that Doc is single-handedly responsible for many of the things I accomplished in this sport. Because of his writing in The Fisherman and his books in the late 1980’s I got infatuated with surfcasting. Because he was a member of High Hill Striper Club at the time is why I joined too. My wife could tell you about sleepless nights I spent wondering if I would be accepted in the club with limited number of openings.

Although I always had a healthy dose of respect for Doc ,we kind of went our own ways. Doc left the club eventually and we had very little contact other than at the shows. The remarkable thing about surfcasting is that you can fish the same general areas yet rarely run into each other. Over the years I went through quite a few infatuations, with bait, metal lips, eel skins, bucktails, darters, rigged eels, you name it, I tried it. But I never stopped reading what the man had to say, even to this day.

So I was obviously honored to be asked to help him bring his newest book to life. I was amazed of how quickly he wrote it and how long it was. In time it takes me to write a blog post (yes, I know I suck at typing) Doc had a general outline of the book complete. After he finished editing the manuscript I finally got a chance to read it. At first ,I read through it and left to take family on vacation. I thought it was well done, thorough and quintessential Doc. His book on bucktail already gave you his spin on that particular lure so he didn’t spend a lot of time on that particular subject. But he sure did on others..

After returning from vacation I started the process of gathering pictures and read it again. I realized that this might be the most complete book on surf fishing I’ve ever read.

The most remarkable part of reading anyone’s book is being able to get into someone’s head. By that I mean, being able to see exactly how someone is approaching the sport of surf fishing. His and mine approach to surf fishing are nothing alike. I rarely use anything under two ounces and often throw rigged eels that are pushing ten ounces. My favorite pencil poppers start at about 3 ounces where he catches carload of fish on smaller pencil poppers. While you might find me in the inlet on occasion tossing five ounces of lead you might find him in the sound finessing a half an ounce bucktail or catching fish on Bombers and teasers.

I guess it took me few decades to realize but there really is no “wrong” way to fish. There is only “your” way. I always thought, “jeez, do we need another book on surf fishing” but after reading his I realized we did. And we will probably enjoy many others over the years. Because everyone has a different stories to tell, everyone mind works in different ways. Few are able to put it in words as eloquently as Doc can. I really think this might be the most complete book on surf fishing the northeast beaches that was written to date. There is something here for everyone, from beginner to novice. From picking up your first outfit to upgrading to braid and custom rods. From reading the beach, strategies and techniques to beach buggies and discussions on every lure we use in the surf. There are chapter on history of the sport, how to fight and land a fish, proper way to catch and release the fish and much more. There even is a chapter on joining a surf club, laying out for you all the pros and cons and informing you what you should expect from joining one.

All in all a well written book, a project that I am proud to be asked to be a part of. Expectations are for this book to be printed and in the stores sometimes in September, just in time for the fall run. As you know, Doc only signs copies at the shows. The readers of Surfcaster’s Journal Blog however will be able to reserve a limited  numbers of autographed copies by sending me an email @ zhromin@optonline.net.  Just drop me a note and tell me to put a signed copy aside for you when printed.

You can also click on the book cover which it will take you to our online store at www.surfcastersgear.com. There you can actually buy  a “reserved signed copy”  and it will be shipped to you as soon as its printed and sign. Of course, you can always pick up a copy in your favorite tackle shop when available. The book is 204 pages and I let Doc use many of my pictures in it. The price of the book is $19.95

It is kind of cool to be able to be a part of this. Last pure surf fishing  book Doc’s has written was Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night, which was originally published twenty years ago. Funny how life works…if you told me then that one day I would be working with Doc I would have told you that you are nuts.