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Mexico Surfcasting, Part II

Ryan and I managed few jacks at first light by following instruction of what a crew that was there a week before us left. Ryan also managed two Sierra Mackerel which our hostl Fernando turned into a food fest for everyone at dinner time20161011_073809 20161011_073822 20161011_074227 20161011_074824 20161011_075627 20161011_080502 20161011_080508 20161011_080529

Running up and down the beach on a quad for the first time was a little intimidating for me,  until it quickly turned into an  awesome experience.p1010182

Few years ago my buddy Ray and I went to Costa Rica and I will never forget the ass kicking a jack gave me on a 7 foot rod. Well guess what, they are bigger and meaner in Mexico and they will still kick your ass and test your tackle. Striped bass who most of us pursue with passion is not even in the same league as jacks. I am convinced that a 10  pound jack would kick the biggest a striper in the ocean right into its teeth!

Not only are they great adversary and fun to catch, but I got to test the 5 piece 12′ 6″ Century travel rod under real life conditions. Did I mentioned its 5 piece rod?

The rod not only did a awesome job of fighting a fish but the casting..oh the casting!!!!

I am hoping to have a video for you soon when i get some additional footagew from Ryan

Not only was I effortlessly casting 100 to 150 yards using Line Stretcher lures but I can easily  get a 100 yards cast out of FS Sebile shads.

And don’t get me even started on Ryan’s casting…some of the casts that he launched that week still did not land!!!

The 9 footer broke down into 4 sections and it was the lightest, most responsive 9 foot rod I have user used. It will toss a 1/2 oz all the way up to 4oz with authority. I paired my up with VS 150 and it was a great rod light action rod.

So now you have not only another option when you are looking for a travel rod but you also can have Ryan customize. But to me, and I know these Century rods are made with space age carbon fiber that is developed for Formula One racing, to me the most fascinating and brilliant part of this rod design is….

The Guide !!!


Really, the guide you might ask????

stay tunned