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Guppy Lures…yes we have them and yes, we will give you a chance to win them

Every year, once the holidays are passed, I hear the same thing. My friends complain about shows being boring, that show is too far to drive to, this one has lousy speakers, and on and on. Granted, I get engaged in this conversation too on occasion. But then I thought about something else..

Few years ago I went to Asbury Park Fishing Club annual Flea Market. I will be first to admit that I don’t know many players in this industry (that non-social thing rears its ugly head once again). Yes, I been invited to many pre-show parties and even more after show dinners or drinks. I have yet to attend one. Call me silly but I love getting home, as fast as possible once the show is over.

This might have been my first year at Asbury. This was in the days before SJ and during the time plug craze was raging. No one really wanted books, all they wanted was plugs, plugs and more plugs. So instead of just being ignored at my table I walked around and got to meet Ray Smith, bunch of NJ plug builder and one guy that came down the Jersey all the way from Massachusetts. That fellow was Wayne Hess, maker of Guppy Lures. Continue reading