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So, it looks like we are about to get rocked. I can envision no power for days and lots of beach erosion. I would not be surprised to hear that Gilgo Beach has been breached and we have another inlet on Long Island. I am not a fear monger but this shit does not look like fun. Once it is over go on line and buy “I got blo** by Irene” t-shirt that are sure to be available somewhere after the storm. But is it worth fishing during this type of storm? NO

Like that dude Branson, that owns a whole island in Caribbean with a $54 million dollar house that just burned down said ” All it matters is family, everything else is replaceable”…or something to that effect. Of course, he is a billionaire and I am broke…but the feeling is mutual. Please be safe out there this weekend and take care of those who depend on you.

And if the power hold, we’ll announce the winner of Super Strike giveaway, unveil another video and maybe even do another giveaway this weekend…if the power hold up and PC works, of course

Keeping my fingers crossed



This note  come  from our Rod Guru, Lou Caruso

CTS 1 Piece…….

CTS finally came out with their first round of 1-piece blanks. Last week I met up with Rich of RH Custom rods and handed me (3) 1 piece 10’ blanks. He told me to build them up and beat the snot out of them. These are the proto-types for the upcoming line of 1-piece blanks. He wanted to get them in the field to see if they need any modification. Built them and brought them to the demo Sunday. Definitely got some attention. The only blank missing was the 11’ vapor trail, which didn’t make the shipment from New Zealand. Should be here this week though. That blank is based on the 2 piece I am presently using and if it is the same casting and power wise it should be a home run. Rich has wisely covered the spectrum with these blanks. He has a PJ series blank, which is what I would call a medium action blank handling 2 – 4 oz, the Vapor Trail which is a moderate action and is rated 3 – 6 which I feel is over rated on the bottom end as I have been throwing ¾ oz bucktails with it, and a heavy PJ which is a killer jetty, bridge, canal and inlet blank. That is rated 3 – 6 but I have consistently thrown 1 ½ bucks and those 9″ storm shads in a heavy current this spring/summer.

Stay tuned for write-ups as we get to put them through their paces.

Lou Caruso


Sound like a nice weekend to spread on a couch with a good book

William “Doc” Muller book is getting to the stores near you and Amazon.com. If you want you local store to get it for you, have them contact us.

here are the stores that have it right now