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Crazy Commando Bucktails a Big Fish with a ZeeBaaS

One thing we try to do at Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is to bring you a stories, videos and pictures that you haven’t seen before. Let’s be honest, there are only so many ways we can write about casting up current, looking for deep holes in the sandbar or casting your offering to shadow lines without being redundant. We are lucky to have Tommy, our Art Director and head of our “Cool Department”, dismiss any stories that he finds boring. Because if it was up to me, this magazine would have not looked the way it does. Fortunately I had good sense of listening to his advice. Along the way, I even tried to be a little more artistic although that is still work in progress. What can I say, I am as square as a 2×4. While giving the Cool Dude the props I should mention that he not only designs the mag, all the logos, stickers, shirts and soon a sweatshirts but he also designed covers of the books, Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night, Surfcaster, Fishing the Bucktail…and who knows how many punk band album covers and other things you really not need to know 🙂


Here is a preview of some things that we have coming up for you guys.

When you finish watching this video you will understand what we mean by “ Crazy Commando Bucktails a Big Fish with a ZeeBaaS”


Enjoy…I don’t think you will find this kind of a content anywhere



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