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Alberto's Knot

On a recent trip to Florida I managed to bust three rods in the span of a 24 hours. One snapped like a pretzel when I was setting a hook. Another one I broke on a kayak on a first cast by snagging the other rod in the kayak (I never said that I was bright). And last, and the one that bugs me the most, I cracked the tip guide by casting with a swivel inside the guide. How big of a klutz am I? You decide

To be honest, this swivel/guide thing was always a problem with me when fishing 7 foot rods. I never shorten up my leader and therefore I would hit the tip with the swivel more time than not. Laziness, stupidity, ignorance, you can call it whatever you want.

Crazy Alberto stood behind me while I busted all these rods and finally he said something that I knew it was coming “Why are you still using swivel”?

I don’t know, because that it the way I was thought?? Because that is the only way I ever fish? What about a line twist, it’s that suppose to make a mess of my line?

Not according to Alberto who has been using his ,what he calls, Alberto’s knot for years. He tried to explain it to me, something about Chinese finger trap, seven times around..to be honest, I envision my fingers tied to the lure which was tied to the pliers which was tied to the rod…you know what I mean. It sounded complicated.

So, while we were doing the interview on camera in my hotel room, I asked him to show me the knot. Hey, not only was this quick but even I could do it! ok…maybe


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